Water Based Liquid Lipstick

Eager to offer you the best quality that respects your lips, COSMETIC SERVICE laboratories have developed a new
formulation of liquid lipsticks based on WATER.
This innovative product with surprising moisturizing properties, gives your make-up a touch of elegance thanks to
its creamy texture and velvet effect.
Their formulation boasts 70% of ingredients of natural origin and guarantees high performance in terms of
hydration, nourishment, color intensity and durability.
Water Based Liquid Lipsticks have a great moisturizing capacity, thanks to the presence of HYALURONIC ACID
with different molecular weights, able to penetrate deep into the epidermis.
Delicate and flowing, they are easily spread allowing an accurate and well defined application.
The drying slowed by the presence of water, allows small adjustments in application, but once the texture is fixed,
the product turns out to be LONG LASTING.