OIL SHINE: Extreme Brilliance and Moisture

From our R&D laboratories was born the new “oil shine“.
An oil with a delicate pearly effect and lightly colored finish that gives the skin a gorgeous tanned effect.
Silky and non-greasy texture, it leaves the skin soft and pleasantly perfumed.

Paraben-free formula, rich of active ingredients and selected oils:
The Rose Hip (Rosa Mosqueta) Oil, very rich and precious, plays an emollient, hydrating and elasticizing action.
The Sweet Almond Oil has nourishing, emollient, softening properties.
The Macadamia Oil has excellent moisturizing, antioxidant properties thanks to its high content of unsatured fatty acids and palmitoleic acid.
The Vitamin E deeply hydrates skin to keep it soft and supple and counteracts the effects of free radicals.

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