Volume-effect mascara
Mascara is one of the most versatile make-up products, able to make the eyes intense and expressive, natural and rested.

Our R&D team has created a new formulation for volume effect lashes. An amazing mascara that has a creamy and performing texture that provides an immediate volume effect for an intense and seductive gaze.

Thanks to its formula rich of active ingredients, it is a real eye lash treatment that stimulates growth, strengthens the lashes, makes them smoother and more flexible and increases their resistance to stress and aggression in order to reduce loss.
The result? Volumised and lifted lashes, a striking look and an intense gaze.

Our formula is paraben-free, rich in active ingredients and selected oils:

  • ARGAN OIL has moisturizing and nourishing properties;
  • VIRGIN POPPY SEED OIL natural emollient, has an excellent softening action;
  • PRICKLY PEAR OIL has soothing and calming properties. With its good regenerating properties it promotes eyelash repair;
  • PANTHENOL is a long lasting moisturizer, prevents hair damages caused by combing or brushing, thickens hair and improves luster and sheen;
  • RED ALGAE EXTRACT strengthens lashes, enhance their flexibility and prevents the damage;
  • VITAMIN E protects cells from free radicals for an intense antioxidant action.

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