Full Service Production

Full service philosophy is our philosophy
Research & development, production,
graphic design and packaging.

We offer our partners everything they need to transform an idea into a product, or to set up an entire line. This isn’t a slogan, but a choice developed in the field and made a reality thanks to collaboration with our clients, our experience and skills and the flexibility of the equipment we use.
The driver of this choice is our co-founder of Cosmetics Services, Michele Ceolin, who doesn’t like telling a client that something cannot be done. Our entire staff has made this philosophy their own, and we put it into action every day with passion and rigour.

What it means

Every part of the process, from the research and development stage to production and packaging, is handled in-house by the specialists in Cosmetics Services.
We have a unique supply chain in which every step, every detail is monitored and tracked.
The choice of colour, the creation of the brand, the identification of the type of container, the preparation of the documentation required by the regulations that apply to cosmetics products: everything is guaranteed by our full service philosophy.

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