Hand sanitizer gel & soaps

The new everyday life

Why is it so important to protect your hands? First of all, because our hands are the main socially communicative and most exposed part of our body, after the eyes and the face.
It means that many bacteria nest on our hands. To wash them often helps to reduce bacterial load and dirt, in order to avoid contaminating the other parts of our body.

Our gel and soaps have strong cleansing and sanitizing power.

After usage, your skin will be soft, sanitized and perfumed.
Thanks to a good viscosity they are ideal to be used as sanitizer and soap gels in communities, restaurants, offices and working environments as well as used as hand cleaners with no water needed. They act in 20-30 seconds.

Our GELs contains more than 60% alcohol, as indicated by the Ministry of Health in the guidelines for the prevention of Covid-19.
These products follow our usual FULL SERVICE philosophy.